Wednesday, 10 July 2013



Mad Pride Cabaret Event on July 13th, Sat around 9:25pm.

We will perform at this event, upcoming this Saturday! The event with lots of talented artists will be from 7 - 9:30pm, and we will be on stage around 9:25pm.
We will perform our poem "Hiking". Please come out and make this evening spectacular!

今週土曜日、沢山の個性的なアーティストが出演するMad Pride CabareTイベント@Gachetギャラリーにポエムドロイズ・オンリーが出演予定!演目は「ハイキング」です。

For Facebook:  
And here is the website link for the show:

Gallery Gachet, West Coast Mental Health Network & Stand Up for Mental Health present:

hosted by Karen Ward & Steve Lytton

SAT JULY 13th, 2013, 7 – 10.30pm at Gallery Gachet (
88 East Cordova Street

Celebrating International Mad Pride Day on July 14th!

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Poetry Reading "Hiking" ポエトリーリーディング "ハイキング"

Poemdroids Only performed at Trees Organic, Vancouver, Canada
June 6, 2013

ハイキング Hiking

My girlfriend and I were hiking on a mountain and we came across a trap.
My curiosity got us in a cave, we heard the door slam behind us.

There is an electric chair next to the entrance.
Suppose somebody has to sit on it to open the door.
Guess that would kill that person.

We talked it over for a couple of days, then decided to live here just the two of us.
We argued often but were happy with our days.

In the course of time, we got old, my girlfriend got sick and passed away.
Crying out loud, I dragged her body and set it on the chair.

The door clunked, and then opened in silence.
In the next breath!
Electrical shock should have burned her to black charcoal, but nothing happened.

The electric chair was only a chair.
I slowly closed the door, and returned to the cave.

Performed on June 6, 2013 at Trees Organic (Downtown Vancouver, Canada) by Poemdroids Only
Poem & improvisation performance by Soramaru Takayama
Poem was translated to English by Poemdroids Only
English poem was read by Klara Tanpopo
Japanese poem was read by Lilia Tanpopo

Copyright © 2013 Soramaru Takayama / Poemdroids Only All Rights Reserved.

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Tuesday, 4 June 2013


日本語と英語のポエムパフォーマンスグループ、「ポエムドロイズオンリー」のライブが6月6日(木曜日)、Trees Organic で行われます。

今回はシンガーの Hiroki Mori さんとシンガーソングライターの深草あゆみさんも出演します。



ライフバンクーバー Facebookはこちら:
Poemdroids Only Facebook:

Friday, 31 May 2013

Breaking News! 6月6日のオープンマイクに、なんとHiroki Mori、深草あゆみさんも出演予定!


ポエムドロイズ・オンリーが参加する6月6日のオープンマイクイベントに、バンクーバー在住の日本人シンガー、Hiroki Mori、シンガーソングライターの深草あゆみ(Ayumi Fukakusa)さんも出演予定!!3組とも、日本語・英語を織り交ぜたパフォーマンスを行う予定ですので、お楽しみに!!


Hiroki Moriのソウルフルな声と情熱的なギターに魂を震わせる。



☆☆☆ Breaking News ☆☆☆

Wow!!! Amazing news, Vancouverites!! 
June 6th's Open mic event at the Trees Organic.
"Poemdroids Only" will be on stage, and we will have two other great performers joining us!!!

Soulful singer Hiroki Mori and a great singer songwriter Ayumi Fukakusa will be performing their music!  All of us will perform in Japanese and English, it will be an awesome night if you are interested in meeting Japanese performers in Vancouver! 

Artist information -----------------------------------------------------------------

Hiroki Mori 

深草あゆみ Ayumi Fukakusa

ポエムドロイズ・オンリー Poemdroids Only

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Poemdroids Only ライブ@ Open Mic Trees Organic on Granville

June 6 8pm - 9pm

Venue: Trees Organic Coffee
  • 450 Granville St
  • Vancouver, BC V6C 1V4
電話番号(604) 684-5022ウェブサイト

今回はアクセスのいい、ダウンタウンのウォーターフロント駅そば、GranvilleストリートにあるTrees Organicというチーズケーキの美味しいカフェのオープンマイクに参加します!!勿論無料イベントです♪ カフェは通常通り開いてますので、美味しいお茶やチーズケーキなんかを楽しむついでに見に来てくれると嬉しいです。



Our 2nd live performance date has set!
Please drop by if you are in the area, Poemdroids Only will be participated in the open mic event at the Trees Organic Coffee on Granville on June 6, between 8-9pm.
It's a free event of course! The cafe is open so you can enjoy nice cup of coffee or teas and their delicious cheese cakes... yum!

Each group has 15 - 20 mins, so it's kinda short show... but we'll entertain you with a couple of poems with performance!

Every Thursday night: Open mic night 8:00pm-10:00pm
Thursday night is open mic night, hosted by Ev. You'll never know what you'll get, as a variety of performers drop in for a set. Everything from music to spoken word, and even stand-up comedy acts could be on stage. Check out the Open Mic Facebook page for more details or enquiries.

☆Breaking News☆ 速報☆

☆Breaking News☆ 速報☆
Dr. Sora created a new poemdroid and named "Klara". She will be on the stage on June 6! 

新しいポエムドロイド、クララちゃんがDr.ソラの研究所で産まれました。6月6日のライブは前回のリラちゃんの代わりにクララちゃんがステージに立ち、英語ポエムを読みます♪ お楽しみに♪

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Friday, 15 March 2013

Big Plane by Poemdroids Only, Poem by Soramaru Takayama

Poemdroids Only performed at Eternal Abundance (Commercial Drive, Vancouver, Canada) on March 14, 2013.

Big plane

I still remember clearly, it was a long time ago.
2035 was a very cold summer, gray sky and uneven mountains.

Your hair and lips are transparent like a young boy.
I like to smooth your hair down.
I like to gaze at your lips.

You told me that you ran away from the far-off land in the East.
There was a big war and a bomb fell.
The king was killed and the country became a part of a bigger one.
We can see the land even the parts that have disappeared.

You say to me “people born in the new country are all happy––like you. I like this country. But at the same time I sometimes really hate it.”

“How did you get here?”

“You know that guys like me can't get an airplane. Instead I caught a small boat from the North cape on a night that had strong winds and no moonlight. If the wind lasts for three days long, you can reach the small violet island. We went on a big ship. It took us somewhere.”

“Were you cold on the boat?”

“The floor was frozen. But I noticed my fear more than the cold. The boat my sister got on was caught by the police and vanished. I shivered whole voyage. When I awoke, I was in this country,” you murmur with downcast eyes.

I walk with you on the esplanade every day.
Some days you gaze at the sunset on the horizon and seem happy.
Other days you gaze at the sunrise on the mountains too weary to feel more than sorrow.

When we came to my apartment, I rest my cheek on your back.
It tickles and you squirm away from my touch.
I like how it tickles.
I like how you respond.
I like the smell of your hair.

“When I was in junior high, you tell me, I met a girl and fell in love. I loved her hairstyle and clothes. I often waited for her at the bus stop. More than anything I wanted to touch her hand. So I shouted “I love you”, and she replied “Me, too”. Hey, why do you think I stopped loving her when I got her.”

“What hairstyle did she have?”

“A bob. Like you,”

“What kind of clothes did she wear?”

“When I was child, cotton wasn't around anymore so it was a synthetic fiber. We just had dark colored clothes and I always felt cold. She usually wore a charcoal gray dress and black tights. She sometimes had a dandelion in her hair.”

“You wanna try on a white shirt?” I ask.

“I want to take a big plane,” the words tremble from your lips.

Lying on the cold bed, we're laughing. We'll go to a tropical country by a big plane someday.
Necking on the cold bed, we're singing. We'll go to a tropical country by big plane someday.
Holding each other on the cold bed, we're frightened that we'll go to a tropical country by a big plane someday.

Performed on March 14, 2013 at Eternal Abundance (Commercial Drive, Vancouver, Canada) by Poemdroids Only
Poem & improvisation performance by Soramaru Takayama
Poem was translated to English by Soramaru Takayama
English poem was edited / read by Leila Tanpopo
Japanese poem was read by Lilia Tanpopo

Copyright © 2013 Soramaru Takayama / Poemdroids Only All Rights Reserved.

Please contact for any event request.

Sora and his poems "Dan-pen" : from Poemdroids Only

Sora names his short poems as "Dan-pen".

オーストリア人アーティストBelloBenischauer氏 のプロジェクトに翻訳、パフォーマーとして参加 (。

About the Author:
In 1979, Takayama Soramaru was born in Nagano, Japan. Sora studied philosophy at the university of Hosei. After working as a tutor, he left Japan to travel Asia, Oceania and Europe. He spent four and a half years traveling.
He has assisted the Austrian artist Bello Benischauer as a performer and translator. Sora currently lives in Canada.

Copyright © 2013 Soramaru Takayama All rights reserved.