Sunday, 28 September 2014

Sept 27 "A Poet meets a story teller" Event went fantastic..!

The collaboration event with Naomi Steinberg "A poet meets a story teller" night went so awesome! Thank you very much for coming to our show! We'd like to share some photos :)

ナオミ・ステインバーグとのコラボイベント、"A poet meets a story teller"、無事終了!沢山の方にお越しいただき、素敵な時間を一緒に過ごせて、ポエムドロイズオンリーは幸せ者です。


Check in desk where you will see Yurie! ゆりえほよよんがお出迎え♪

Our stage! ステージはこんな感じ。

Before the show begins... :) ショーが始まる直前、ワクワクが部屋を暖めていきます

Show Opening... We've got a magical power from everyone in the room.... and it lit the candle... :)

The fire from the candle was shared and Hiroko lit all the candles in the room as an opening ritual.

Our show begins with Hiroko's "Prologue Song".

 ~~~Dinner time ~~~~

Vegan Buffet with KutsushitaNeko 靴下猫のビーガンビュッフェ♪

KutusitaNeko explains the dishes! 靴下猫の説明に聞き入る皆様☆早く食べたーい!

TEA LANI supplied us their organic herbal tea blend "A Day" which was created inspired by our poem "One Day".  We all enjoyed the color of the tea, smelled the aroma, and tasted it while "One Day" poetry reading was performed... it was a sensual moment to taste the poem!
TEA LANIのハーバルブレンド、A Dayが振舞われるなか、A Dayをブレンドするイマジネーションの元になったポエム、One Dayが朗読されました。ポエムを、飲む。とっても静かな、暖かなひと時。

♡TEA LANI Information:

Vegan Pudding & Co. supplied us their delicious vegan pudding... :)
幻のビーガンプリンがVegan Pudding & Co.からデザート用に振舞われました。うまいー!と悶絶の声が響く室内。笑

♡Vegan Pudding & Co. Information:

~~~ After the show ショーが終わって ~~~

Happy times flies so quickly....Thank you very much for being there!!!

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